Ben's Chili Bowl 2010 Ben's Chili Bowl 2010 Preparing for the chili bowl 68967678 Setting up their chili stations 68967679 Michelle trying some chili 68967680 The contestants are more than ready 68967681 Hanging out before the rush 68967682 Enjoying the day 68967683 Standing room only for some time 68967684 3rd place Roger, with his Margaritaville Madness Chili 68967685 Homeplate, Lorraine & Jenn line up for the tastings 68967686 Margaret, Linda & Carole get the raffles ready 68967687 A packed Lafayette 68967688 Kevin Jr. & Kim from K2Karaoke spent the afternoon entertaining the crowd 68967689 Taking chances on the 50/50 lai raffle 68967690 Contestants pulled duct tape off their eyebrows for prizes 68967691 Checking out the amount of eyebrows they lost 68967692 I am sure they will grow back quickly 68967693 Mariah sang karaoke for the crowd 68967694 Trent thanked everyone for their support Trent is a recipient of support from Benjamin's Fund. 68967695 Doug competed in the air guitar contest and won! He won a Joe Perry autographed Guitar Hero sleeve. 68967696 Raquel competed with her Mama's Rockyn Chili 68967705 Johnny & Dustin 68967697 Aunt Lorraine, Dustin & Gram 68967698 Dancing to the Bitter End 68967699 The Bitter End 68967700 Kim sang her heart out for us 68967701 What a smile! 68967702 THE BITTER END ROCKS 68967703 John helped out the band 68967704 Paul was rockin out 72713526 Winner of the Chili competition; Tom Mills, with Stacy, John & Dustin 72713527 A beautiful looking chili 72713528 Roger & Raquel get ready to serve their chili 72713529 Trent, a recipient of assistance from Ben's Fund He wanted to thank everyone for helping him, what a sweetheart! 72713530 Joe singing some karaoke 72713531 Margaret & Carole taking care of the raffles 72713532 The Lafayette was packed 72713533 A signed guitar hero case by Joe Perry 72713534 Air guitar contest finals; Travis & Doug 72713535 Doug won the autographed guitar case 72713536 The band, BlackDayz entertained us 72713537 Dancing to The Bitter End 72713538 Once again, The Bitter End came out to support Ben's Fund 72713539 What a great band! 72713540 Kim sang her heart out for us 72713541 Even the band had a good time! 72713542 Paul entertained us too! 72713552 Collecting his winning prizes; Tom Mills His "taste like chicken" won first place this year! 72713553 72713554 72713555 72713556 72713557 72713558 72713559 72713560 72713561 72713562 BlackDayz first appearance 72713563 72713564 The Bitter End takes stage 72713565 What a great band! 72713566 Kim, singer for the Bitter End 72713567 The Bitter End rocked the Lafayette 72713568 Preparing to rip the duct tape off their arms 72715412 Johnny & I are still hangin tough 72715413 Chili contestants were ready to go! 72715414 Serving up some delicious chili 72715415 Amy took care of the registration table 72715416 The lines started early and went all day 72715417 Even the kids had fun 72715418 Enjoying the chili tastings...all of them! 72715419 Serving up the chili 72715420 Joe served chili for Emma's restaurant 72715421 Jay enjoyed the chili tastings 72715422 Contestants decorated their stations to go with their chili theme 72715423 The ladies were ready to start serving chili 72715424 Tasting some of Rosie's Family Chili 72715425 Enjoying the chili tastings 72715426 Joe, Scott & Troy served up chili for hours 72715427 The Lafayette was packed 72715428 A crowded room 72715429 Preparing to take duct tape off their eyebrows to win a contest 72715430 You can only imagine the screams 72715431 Comparing lost hair for the prize 72715432 A tie breaker, now pull duct tape off their arms to win 72715433