Ben's Chili Bowl 2012 Ben's Chili Bowl 2012 Kayak raffle winner, Mark Howes with kayak builder, Jim Keenan Thank you so very much to Jim Keenan for donating this handmade kayak to Ben's Fund to be raffled off at Ben's Chili Bowl. And Congrats to Mark Howes for winning, have fun! Thank you to all who took a chance too! 150921309 Maxton & Charlie checking out the kayak 150921310 Maxton loved the kayak 150921311 Winners again! 1st place; TFD/Silver City Chili "Thanks for the lift" 150921312 Marc accepting first place for the 2nd year in a row. 150921313 1st place in restaurant category, Owen O'Learys 150921314 Lafayette took 2nd place in the restaurant category 150921315 Lafayette Club; 2nd place 150921316 150921317 El Mariachis took 3rd place in the restaurant category 150921318 2nd place for the 2nd year in the home chef category; Jamyn 150921319 In 3rd place for the home chef category, John 150921320 Prize Ceremony 150921321 All the chefs!!! 150921322 150921323 150921324 Winner of competitors choice: Jamyn 150921325 Playing El Mariachis sponsored game 150921326 Trying to win a gift card to El Mariachis 150921327 Outburst 150921328 Outburst joined Ben's Chili Bowl for the first year. 150921329 Holding Charlie, a Ben's fund assistance recipient, The boy in the picture, named Ben, won the 50/50 raffle and gave the money to Charlies family. Thanks Ben! You are a sweetie! By the way, Great name! 150921330 Charlie with Mom & Dad; Love them! 150921331 Playing the 50/50 lai raffle game 150921332 Prizes for chefs 150921333 2nd place gets the toilet paper prize! 150921334 Just 2 Guys supporting Ben's Fund for the 4th year!!! Thank you for once again supporting Ben's Fund! 150921335 Aaron singing some karaoke! 150921336 K2Karaoke at the Chili Bowl for the 4th year! Thank you for your constant support of our Chili Bowl! 150921337 Playing the game sponsored by Owen O'Learys 150921338 Cupcakes donated by Just Desserts Bakery in Bridgewater 150921339 150921340 50/50 lai raffle 150921341 150921342 150921343 Outburst entertained and rocked the place! 150921344 150921445 150921446 150921447 150921448 Just Desserts sponsored dessert table 150921449 Yummy....cupcakes!! 150921450 150921451 Home Plate sponsored the burger eating contest 150921452 Just a 2lb burger to eat between 2 people, shouldn't be that hard! 150921453 150921454 yeah, it's a big burger! 150921455 Selling lai's for the lai raffle 150921456 alcohol sampling provided by Quality Beverage 150921457 Thanks Quality Beverage for your support of Ben's Chili Bowl! 150921458 Cheers! 150921459 Special guest Kim joined Just 2 Guys for a few songs 150921460 150921461 enjoying the entertainment 150921462 150921463 Gram feeding Maxton 150921464 Monster Mini Golf of Seekonk gave away some prizes to kids! 150921465 Thanks Monster Mini Golf for supporting Ben's Chili Bowl 150921466 150921467 150921468 150921469 Simpson Springs soda & water samples 150921470 Thank you Simpson Springs for donating samples for Ben's Chili Bowl. 150921471 150921472 Giving away samples of delicious Simpson Spring soda 150921473 150921474 150921475 Just 2 Guys with Kim ROCKED! 150921476 enjoying some chili samples 150921477 Miss Taunton; Nicole & Miss Massachusetts Molly 150921478 Miss Taunton, Nicole 150921479 Owen O'Learys & Home Plate 150921480 Restaurant sampling 150921481 Owen O'Learys 150921482 Home Plate Bay Street Grill 150921483 Emmas Pub & Pizza 150921484 El Mariachi's 150921485 Lafayette 150921486 Kayak raffle with Linda & MC for the day, Rich 150921487 Home Chefs; TFD/Silver City Chili 150921488 Home Chef Tom 150921489 150921490 It's a friendly competition! 150921491 150921492 Serving up a very vegan chili 150921493 Once again, Rich brought his chili to support Ben's Chili Bowl 150921494 Winner of the competitors choice with Blazin Buffalo Chix Chili; Jamyn 150921495 Roger serving up some chili again this year 150921496 Whitey! 150921497 proudly displaying past winnings! 150921498 John with Devils & Angels chili 150921499 Rosie's Chili!!! 150921500 Fire in the Hole!!! 150921501 Serving it up 150921502 150921503 The crowds loved the chili 150921504 Miss Massachusetts; Molly enjoys Ben's Chili Bowl 150921505 150921506 Tasting all the chili 150921507 The gorgeous kayak raffle 150921508 memorial bags donated to families in the NICU 150921509 raffles! 150921510 150921511 Art supplies & easel donated by Sweet Pea Family Day Care 150921512 Lots of great raffle prizes were donated; thank you all! 150921513 Beer & Gift card to Black Watch Pub; New Bedford 150921514 Simpson Spring soda & water! 150921515 150921516 Place your votes here! 150921517 150921518 150921519 150921520 150921521 150921522 A packed house again!!! 150921523 150921524 Miss Massachusett, Miss Taunton & Mayor Hoye 150921525 Contest time! 150921526 150921527 Taking care of financials all day! Thanks Amy! 150921528 Quality Beverage 150921529 150921530 chili tastings 150921531 Dustin & Maxton 150921532 Judging a contest 150921533 Miss Mass judging a contest 150921534