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We are using our Facebook page to make most of our updates. Please "like" us! 

Wine & Dine Basket Raffle

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Congratulations to the winner of our basket raffle; Robin L.

The basket contained a bottle of wine & glasses and also gift cards totaling $200!  The raffle was started at our 3rd annual softball tournament and was drawn at our 3rd annual family bike ride.

Thank you all who took a chance on this great prize!

3rd annual Ben's Bike Ride

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Our 3rd annual family bike ride was held on Sunday, September 26, 2010. It will started and ended at the Berkley Lions Club, Berkley, MA.

Riders registered & were greeted with some Raw Rev power bars (thank you RawRev), fruit, and pastry & donuts donated by Colonial Donuts & Dunkin Donuts.

There were 2 rides; a 10 and/or 25 mile ride. The 10 mile ride was mostly through Berkley. The 25 mile ride covers Berkley, Assonet and Freetown. Both rides began with our dear friend, Brittany, ringing the cow bell. Brittany was a recipient of a donation from Benjamin's Fund to help her buy an off road wheelchair. She was a great sport and smiled big for the camera and for the riders passing her by. Thank you to Brittany & her family for coming out to support our ride!

There was a post ride lunch at the Lions Club. Special thank you's to Piezoni's of Raynham & Homeplate Bay St. Grill for donating the sheet pan pizzas. Also, thank you to Best Foods for their donation of spaghetti, sauce & meatballs. Lunch was delicious.

We followed with lots of raffles & lots of winners! Thank you to all who have donated to Benjamin's Fund to support this. The raffles are strictly run on donated items, so without your support, there wouldn't be any.

Thank you to Vivian from Arbonne who came out to demonstrate some products from her line and give a sampling of the product (and thanks for riding too!)

Thank you to Active Health Massage who came out to support Ben's Fund by giving FREE massages to riders! (And rode also) The riders really enjoyed the relaxation after their rides (and some volunteers were very happy also)

AND IT DIDN'T RAIN!!!! It was a beautiful fall day and an exceptional day for a family bike ride.

Thank you all for your continued support of our events!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers! We always need help with registration, pick ups of donated items & food, raffles, making desserts, clean up & set up, water stops, etc, etc.

Special thank you to Scott & Liz Travis who take on this event and make it what it is.

Benjamin's 2nd Annual Butt Burnin' Chili Cook Off

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Hello everyone and thank you once again for another hugely successful event. Benjamin's 2nd Annual Chili Bowl was the biggest event yet. I don't know where to begin....hang in there!

The event was held at the Lafayette in Taunton. We filled the house! 17 competitors entered and all the chilis were incredible. I got so much good feedback on them, people wanted to vote for more than one.

We were joined by special guest, Trent, who came to spend the day with us. Trent is a local teen who has received a donation from Benjamin's Fund. It is hard to say the words, but Trent is terminally ill. Sometimes, a reminder is needed that even though the events we get together for are fun, they are for a reason. That reason is to raise money for families whose children are terminally ill. Trent is once again going to see Disney on Ice during school vacation week through a requested donation from Ben's Fund to TD Banknorth. They are giving Trent's family tickets to enjoy the show with him. It is amazing that Trent is going to enjoy this show yet another year....hang in there Trent! During the event, Trent wanted to say a few words. He thanked everyone for helping him and getting him the tickets and also for the dinner he enjoyed with his family before the show. Trent is an inspiration.

Congratulations to this year's Chili Bowl Champion, Tom Mills, with his "taste like chicken" chili. Tom got a basket full of prizes to enjoy and now owns the title of 2010 Chili Bowl Champion. But can he hold the title for next year? 2nd place was John Doherty with Devils & Angels, and third place was Roger & Judy Gagnon with Margaritaville Madness. The rest were so very close there was even a 5 way tie! Too close of a competition.....

Thank you to all of our competitors who made & served their delicious chilis!!

#1 John Doherty, #2 Rosemary Marques, #3 Kris Gagnon & James Hogan, #4 Rich & Jenn Cabral, #5 Raquel Holmes, #6 Roger & Judy Gagnon, #7 Black Watch Pub, #8 Jenn Packer, #9 Lorraine Rosa, #10 Homeplate Bay St Grill, #11 Joe DiSilva, #12 Scott Travis, #13 Tom Mills, #14 Liz O'Keefe, #15 Lafayette Club, #16 Ron Emma's, #17 Dave Sherburne

Way to go everyone! Great decorations, great compliments to your delicious chili. Great job!

Special thanks to:

Paul and the Lafayette Club for letting us take over your facility.

K2Karoke; Kevin & Kim, for providing DJ/Karoke for many hours, for coming back for the 2nd year and supporting Ben's Fund, and for all your continued help. You are both great!

El Mariachi's for the chips & salsa

Quality Beverage for the Margaritaville tastings

Black Dayz for their premiere showing

THE BITTER END for rocking the house again.

To our volunteers:

Dessert makers; Margaret, Amy, Liz & Allison....yummy job!

Raffle Table: Carole & Margaret; thank you for handling that every event!

50/50 lai raffle; Linda for selling lai's! And to everyone who took a chance at it, we raised $185! Congrats to winner, Seth.

Liz; for handling all the stuff that I can't, forget about, & dont' think of. You are my rock!

Amy; registration strong arm for the day once again.

Richie; for MC'ing the entire event, making things run smoothly & making people do messed up stuff for prizes. I am sure by next year, their eyebrows & lashes will have grown back in and they will be ready to compete again. And those air guitarists, I am sure will be practicing throughout the year too!

Crystal & Mike; for photographing the entire day....making permanent memories for people to look back upon and say, "oh, crap, that was me" and for giving us stuff to bribe people with for years!

Mike Gay; for once again taking pictures for the Taunton Daily Gazette & giving Benjamin's Fund such wonderful exposure. Check out the pictures at

Thank you so much to all of you who continue to support Benjamin's Fund through donations, volunteering, making blankets, requesting donations, offering help & support, and continuing to make Benjamin's Fund a priority in your life. We appreicate your help so much and cannot do it without you....thank you.

Just a reminder also:

Benjamin's Fund is now part of the Shaws Community Rewards program. Benjamin's Fund can receive 1% of your purchases on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays after you sign up at their website. It takes only a few minutes and it is a great way for Ben's Fund to receive additional donations without holding an event. Please let others know of this great opportunity also. Simply go to & enter your shaws reward card number, you are then prompted to pick the charity. Our community ID# is 49001024494 We will then receive a quarterly check from Shaws. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this & encouraging others also.

Also, remember, Benjamin's Fund supports families whose children are terminally ill. If you know of a family in need please contact us so that we can help them.


Ben's Fund received an incredible donation of handmade quilts through our friend, Hollie and the Silver City Quilting Guild. We were able to donate a baby quilt to every baby in the NICU at Women & Infants Hospital in honor of what would have been Benjamin's 2nd birthday. We still have many beautiful quilts and are looking for donations to Ben's Fund for a quilt. Anyone wishing to make a donation in exchange for a gorgeous handmade quilt (perfect for baby shower gifts) please contact me to pick one out. Thank you.

Thank you all,

Benjamin's Fund

Benjamin's Family Bike Ride 2009

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Hello everyone!

September 27th was a rainy day.  But that didn't stop yet another bike ride for Benjamin's Fund.  Thankfully, our riders braved the weather to ride either 10 or 25 miles donating their time & money to Ben's Fund.  The riders were greeted with a breakfast of fruits, granola bars, donuts & pastry.  (Thank you to Dunkin Donuts & Arts Bakery for your donations!) 

We were lucky to be joined by our friend, Trent, who stopped by with his Mom & sister to start the ride for us by ringing the cowbells.  Trent was Ben's Fund's first donation recipient and we were so happy to see him and have him help us out. 

The riders came back to enjoy a cook-out including burgers, dogs & lots of homemade desserts (including Tina's famous chocolate chip cookies!)  Then we had some great raffle prizes to give away while we hung out enjoying the company and the food.

Thank you to everyone who made this event yet another success.  A very special thank you to Liz & Scott for taking this ride on as their own fundraiser and doing all of the "legwork" for it.  We appreciate your help & your time with making this event a success!

Thank you to everyone who came out to ride, those who came to support without riding, those who came for the cook-out/raffles, those who donated items for raffle, those who donated their time volunteering, etc, etc, etc.  WE APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU AND CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR HELP!


Check out photos from the ride in our photo gallery and also on the link below you can check out the pictures that the Taunton Daily Gazette put in the paper.  Thank you to Mike Gay for coming out in the rain to take them for us!


Latest News!

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Hello everyone!

This blog is to tell you all about our silent auction going on now, and to tell you about our last fundraiser; Benjamin's Benefit Ballgame and also to inform you of our next fundraiser; Benjamin's Family Bike Ride on Sept. 27th. Registration for the bike ride can be done on line for your convenience. If you have any questions concerning registering on line, please be sure to email me to register by mail, etc. Please feel free to forward this link to anyone you know who may be interested in riding.

Follow the link below for registering or for more info./flyer/date, etc.

Thank you all once again for making Benjamin's Benefit Ballgame a success. There are so many people to thank so please excuse me, if I forget a few....

First off: Congratulations to the winning team The Master Batters with team captain Al Borges. 2nd place team; Plymouth Wrecking Crew with team captain Mike Darsch. Thank you to all participating teams including Attleboro PD (captain Rick Wade), Team Christ (captain Christian Mills), Comin' In Hot (captain Evan Crowley), and Devin Laubi Foundation (captain Dustin Travis).

Congratulations to Homerun Derby winner; Keith Wade with 12 homeruns!!

Special thanks to Robin from The Speckled Egg for donating absolutely delicous cupcakes! She specializes in whimsical creations for life's celebrations; cakes, cookies & confections. Her website is  for those of you craving more of her cupcakes or those looking to surprise someone with a one-of-a-kind cake.

Thank you all who donated items for raffle. We had some very unique items out including carnival glass, a hockey helmet, gift cards to the Batting Cave, Top Priority, Tooeys, Homeplate Bay St. Grille, Six Flags, photo gift basket, Creative Memories Scrapbooking basket ( ) and so many others.

The silent auction also did well. Congratulations to the highest bidders; Joe won the Harpoon bar light, Rhonda won the Red Sox ball signed by Jerry Remy, and the Sirius Radio. Thank you all!

Thank you to all who donated their time to help us out at the ballgames; Ed (umpire), Liz, Scott, Spencer, Mom (Margaret), Rich, Amy, lil' Dustin, Big Dustin, Crystal, Mike, Joe, Amy, Anna, Marissa, Rich, Kerriann, Joey, Joyce, Aunt Lorraine, Mike, Travis, Shawn (stink!), Mau, Larry, Kayla, Chad, Jacob, Michelle, Eileen and so many more I am sure....thank you all!

Thank you to Marli & Brendan Cave from the Batting Cave in Middleboro for coming down and supporting the teams & giving away coupons (& gift cards too) An indoor batting facility that just opened up.

Thank you to our t-shirt sponsors:

Devin Laubi Foundation ( )

City Spirits (2 locations in Attleboro)( )

Greater Taunton Jaycees ( )

Homeplate Bay St. Grille ( ) Come check out their new Grand Slam Burger...1 1/2 lb burger topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & onion rings on a special bun with a pound of fries! If you finish the burger, you get a t-shirt & your photo on the wall of fame!

We also have a silent auction going on for tickets to Creed on August 18th. Starting bid for 2 tickets (not lawn seats) is $150 a pair. Send me an email with your bid if you are interested and I will email those who are interested with the highest bid for the tickets. Remember; 100% of the proceeds benefits Benjamin's Fund. Please let anyone else know of this if they are interested.

We had a great 2 days of playing ball and raising money for Benjamin's Fund. Hope to see you all at our next event; Benjamin's Family Bike Ride....start getting those bikes ready for September!!


Love & Prayers all!

Stacy, Johnny, & Dustin

Barrel O' Fun Raffle

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Congratulations to the barrel o' fun winner Charmaine Turner.  The drawing was held today and the final count of $650 was raised for Benjamin's Fund.  Once again, we would like to thank Rob from Homeplate for helping us raise these funds.  We couldn't have done it without his help with getting donations and for having the raffle at his restaurant.  Thank you so much again to Rob and the entire staff at Homeplate for another successful fundraiser!!!!

Donation Made!

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Benjamin's Fund made a donation this past weekend.
It is both happy and sad, as we are happy to be able to make a donation but we are sad that there is a child who is terminal that needed the donation.
The donation went to a wonderful boy named Trent.  He is from Taunton also.  It made it really nice to be able to help a local child through our local charity.  All of our fundraising is paying off!!
Trent also had a wish also to be able to see Disney on Ice with his family.  We contacted the TD Banknorth Garden and were able to get them to donate tickets for his entire family and PCA to attend the afternoon show on Sunday.  It felt really good to be able to give something directly to Trent and to help them financially also.
It wouldn't have been possible without all of the help we have received from everyone whether it be coming to an event, donating, volunteering, referring, etc!!  So, THANK YOU ALL!! for your support of Benjamin's Fund!

Thank you Home Plate!!!!

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A very special thank you to Rob from Home Plate in Taunton for allowing us, Benjamin's Fund, to come into his restaurant and hold a 50/50 raffle.  We were able to sell raffle tickets throughout the evening and Rob even helped solicit donations from his guests by giving them prizes for donating.  We had thought we would make about $100 but ended up making almost $300!!  It was a great night and we raised some more money for Benjamin's Fund....with the help of Home Plate and Rob.  Thanks so much Rob for allowing us the opportunity to raise more well-needed funds in Benjamin's name!


Benjamin's Chili Bowl

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A very big thank you to all of you who came out to support Benjamin's Fund Sunday. The event was a huge success raising more money for the fund. And we have been receiving so many emails commenting on what a great time was had by all and already asking about next year.  Take a mental note to mark your calendars for the day of the NFC/AFC Championship game as our date for the cook off too.

Special thank you's to everyone who helped with the event. Let's see; Where do we begin? Thank you to all who purchased tickets to the event. (some of who didn't show up but still sent donations or were planning on coming but the weather didn't co-operate) Thank you to all who helped out that day: Scott and Liz for setting up, etc and for handling the cook off aspect and the clean up too. Meme, Margaret and Amy for handling the raffles and registration all day. Rich for "emceeing" the event and encouraging people to participate in hopes of winning some prize. (and to those to entertained us by attempting to win..) To Kevin for collecting the voting slips. Thanks to Kevin and KJ from K2Karoke for entertaining us during the cook off. The Bitter End who rocked the event and made it so personal by allowing others to "join" their band for a song. Kathryn & Bethany for joining in first on vocals and ?Bass guitar? and then Dustin for playing drums in a band for the first time, then Emily for being the singer in a rock n' roll band. Bitter End was so great to let them do that. Then thanks go to the chili contestants; Elmer (1st place winner), Scott (3rd place), Joe, Michelle, Corey (2nd place), Tom, Deanna, Rosemary, John, Rob, and also Pam, Andrew, & Carrie who couldn't participate due to weather & sickness but were still prepared to enter. Thanks to our dessert makers (some just brought them and dropped them off so sorry if I don't name everyone) Cristy, Margaret, Liz, Raquel, Carole, Amy and ??? Thank you to Meme for donating the original oil painting for our Silent Auction. Thank you to all who donated items to the chinese raffle. (Jeanne, Liz, Martha) Thanks to Tim for donating the prizes for the games. Thanks to Crystal, Mike, Sami & Christian for taking pictures throughout the day.
If anyone else has pictures from the event, can you send them to us to post? 

And of course thank you to the Black Watch Pub for allowing us to overtake their pub for our event.

The Black Watch Pub, K2Karaoke and The Bitter End all helped make this event very entertaining!!

�Black Watch Pub is open daily for some great meals and a huge selection of beers (I love the banana bread beer myself!)  

� K2Karaoke is at lots of local places throughout the Taunton area. 

�The Bitter End has a show coming up at Peddler's Loft on March 13th. Check them out!!

In closing, I need to say a general "thank you all" who came and helped us. The events we have mean more to us than we can express and sharing them with you all makes it even more special. Through Benjamin's Fund, our little baby boy can always be remembered........

Love & Prayers,
Stacy, John, Dustin and all of Benjamin's Family♥